Dutch Dredging Components B.V.

Performance in Polymers


We are a team of specialist engineers with long experience in design and production of rubber products for dredging and dredge-mining applications.

DDC offers custom engineered heavy duty cord reinforced rubber products such as:

  • floating discharge hoses
  • gimbal suction hoses
  • jet-water hoses
  • pre-shaped rubber elbows
  • Y- and T-pieces
  • discharge hoses
  • reducers

Additionally DDC has expertise and knowledge in the area of molded rubber products such as:

  • hopper door seals
  • butterfly valve seals
  • knife gate valve seals such as rubber-ring and combi-ring seals in standard and durable configuration
  • inflatable jet water seals
  • gripper tubes and bladders for spud hoisting systems
  • jig screens
  • jig spigots and diaphragms

These products find their application in trailing suction hopper dredgers, cutter dredgers, mineral processing plants, oil sand mining applications, heavy mineral dredge mining and aggregate dredging. 


e-mail: info@dutchdredgingcomponents.com

Phone: +31 850 117112